Automated Dissolve

By Matt Ferrara



Straight Jacket Required (2017)

This, my 5th RPM Challenge, features Brent Kinder (Smallwaves, Angie Fights Crime) on drums on “Hum” and “Elegy.”

Punch Drunk (2016)

This 5-song EP is made up of three originals along with covers of the Eels’ “Last Stop This Town” and the Pixies’ “Wave of Mutilation.”

Merry Effin Xmas (2016)

A 2-song single. Holiday standards given a little crunch.

Fall & Fade (2016)

This might be my personal favorite. Features backing vocals by Tim Alexander (Letter Seventeen) on “Second Month,” guitar by Paul Mariz (The Calculus Affair) on “Fall,” incidental noises and interruptions by my children on “Bums,” and guitar by Don Schulze (Stone Foundation, Soul Pilgrims, Glass Onion) on “Fade.”

Rise & Shine (2015)

I challenged myself to write mostly optimistic songs, and this synth-heavy album was the result.

Odd Man Out (2014)

My 2nd RPM Challenge album uses superheroes as symbols of isolation and alienation.

Straight Outta Malden (2013)

This 4-song EP was born when I decided to turn rap tropes upside-down. Rather than a kingpin, I’m a lowly office temp. Rather than throwing paper, I’m counting pennies. And I don’t have love for my streets.

Forward March! (2013)

A very electronic album spawned by government indifference to poverty, mass shootings, corruption and the suffering of those affected by natural disasters.

Bad Breakups, Worse Haircuts (2013)

The concept for this album, the first one I successfully completed for the RPM Challenge, came from a conversation I had with a friend, where we started to catalogue the archetypes of break-up songs.

Home (2010)

Some of this album was recorded in Seoul, some in Montréal, and some in Boston, as my wife and I  struggled with Homeland Security and reverse culture shock.

Seoul (2008)

This album was supposed to be a musical of sorts about my three years in South Korea and the amazing changes it brought about in me.

Unreleased Tracks (2000-2017)

Click the link below for a collection of covers, demos and other unreleased originals.

Collaborations and Bands

MINOA01 (2016)

MINOA01 is: Wilson NG on vocals,  Matt Ferrara vocals & keyboards, Stan Jones on guitar, Matt Parker on guitar & keyboards, and Brent Kinder on guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. Mastered by Matt Parker.

Johnny Daddy-O and the Telefunken U47s (1997-1998)


The greatest band you never heard of, JD&TTU47s were Tim Hall on guitars, banjo and vocals, Mike Crane (Wrongtown Productions) on drums and guitar, and Matt Ferrara on bass.

The studio album “The Hounds” was produced by Mike Luv in Concord, NH in 1998.

IMG_0017Here is a recording of the very first Johnny Daddy-O show in late 1997.

SURD (1996-1997)

IMG_0018Surd was: Paul Dentrone on guitar and vocals, Matt Turner on drums, Tim Hall on guitar and vocals, Matt Ferrara on bass and vocals, and Steve Marquardo on the soundboard and bass. These live recordings also feature Mike Sabatini as a guest vocalist on a couple Operation Ivy covers.

A Conference of Mayors (2016-2017)

The Mayors are an insane collaboration that I probably shouldn’t even attempt to explain. Just click the link below and let the silliness engulf you. I’m Eazy Ellipsis on the first record and Mayor Gloomberg on the second.

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