Automated Dissolve

By Matt Ferrara


An Ocean of Maybe

Einstein once called coincidences “God’s way of remaining anonymous.” After David Hobbes, a young man obsessed with the Periodic Table of Elements and the empty space within atoms, nearly throws himself in front of a subway train, he embarks on a journey that will take him to the other side of the Earth, one that will force him to look Einstein’s anonymous God in the eye.

An Ocean of Maybe on Amazon

An Ocean of Maybe on Goodreads

Young Drunks in Love

A series of vaguely-interconnected short stories centered on faulty human connections and the blurred lines between love and need.

Young Drunks on Amazon

Five Seeds Enclosed in a Capsule

A collection of early poems separated into different “songbooks,” each with a different theme, including departure, longing, travel, time and death.

Five SeedsĀ on Amazon


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